Bottled Water: The Honest Truth or a Marketing Lie?

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a coincidence, and so I don’t believe it’s coincidence that since a class action lawsuit against Nestle’s Poland Spring Water got new life in court, so did a new marketing campaign for the bottled water brand. A federal judge in Connecticut recently ruled to allow the case against the bottled water company to move ahead in all but one northeastern state, including Maine.

A Girl Has No Name… and she buys bottled water.

So, I have a good friend, someone who is such a good friend, that she will probably read this, and know she’s the subject matter for today’s post! But I felt it was worth talking about. She shall remain loved by me, but nameless… This friend of mine DOES have a PUR2o drinking & cooking … Continue reading A Girl Has No Name… and she buys bottled water.

Do I choose a Plastic, Metal or Glass reusable water bottle?

So you have your amazing, on-demand, at home drinking water installed. If you are super lucky and smart, you have installed a PUR2o Alkaline Plus Water system! Now what? If part of your decision to install a drinking water system was to do your part and stop some of the plastic waste from your household, then the next question is obvious. What type of water bottles should you choose for you and your family?

Is all Alkaline Water Equal?

When it comes to Alkaline water, or Alkaline diets, there are basically three points of view…people who love it, those who haven’t heard about it, and others who don’t believe in it. But rarely are those who love it or don’t believe in it, actually informed on the facts around Alkaline water.

A Tall Glossary of Water

In a world where Sales and Marketing take the top spot in most companies, more and more focus is spent on creating buzz words, and spinning stories to ensure their products are painted in the best light. It can be confusing and complicated to differentiate products from each other, and work out what is right … Continue reading A Tall Glossary of Water

OPEN YOUR EYES – Jeff Bridges & the Plastic Pollution Coalition…

Congratulations is due to Jeff Bridges this morning after he was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes last night! Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images So what does PUR2o, a water filtration and purification company, and Jeff Bridges have in common you may ask? In last nights speech he … Continue reading OPEN YOUR EYES – Jeff Bridges & the Plastic Pollution Coalition…


I can never see a future without plastic, we have become too dependent on it, however unless we do something about it, it won't be AI overtaking the earth in the next 50 years, it will be plastic taking over the earth. 

What is an Alkaline Diet, and why is it good for me?

As we are celebrating Healthy Eating Month, we want to take a moment to focus on how drinking more water, specifically more alkaline and ionized water, as well as including an alkaline diet, can improve your overall health. There are many reports and studies outlining how alkaline and ionized water can benefit your body overall, … Continue reading What is an Alkaline Diet, and why is it good for me?

What is in YOUR Water?

Drinking water is not created equal, and the quality of the water you are willing to drink depends on where you live. Water is vital for life, but not all humans on this planet have access to clean filtered, safe water. Americans use about 300 gallons of water per day per home according to the … Continue reading What is in YOUR Water?