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Enjoy the true taste of coffee, tea or any beverage by eliminating whatever contaminants might be lurking in the water.

BAR2o™ is a revolutionary water filtration and purification system specially designed to remove chlorine and other contaminants for water used in espresso and coffee bars, tea rooms and every locale where beverages are served using specialty equipment.


Whether incoming water is hard, chlorinated, or contaminated, our water treatment professionals will find the right filtration and purification solution, without compromising the essential minerals necessary to brew the perfect beverage!


Great Tasting Beverages
By removing unwanted toxic contaminants and maintaining beneficial mineral content, the taste and aroma of coffee, espresso, tea and all other beverages are significantly enhanced.


Hard Water Prevention and Removal
Protects expensive specialty equipment
Protects heating elements
Protects steamers and boilers
Reduces energy costs
Prevents frequent and costly service calls