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PUR2o Water Filtration and Purification is unlike any other water filtration company.

We are water treatment professionals, approaching every client individually, customizing state-of-the-art solutions to provide safe & healthy, great tasting water for drinking and cooking as well as for whole house water.

The PUR2o team works closely with wellness and integrative practitioners, nutritionists, green-home consultants, life coaches, personal trainers and many other professionals – our Partners in Wellness – who value and understand the importance of safe and healthy water.
Along with their clients, these professionals are well aware of how the face of medicine is changing – how many more people are living a healthier lifestyle, incorporating good water and nutrition to prevent illness and disease and to help maintain overall wellness.

Our water treatment professionals are also trained to provide solutions for whatever may be lurking in your point-of-entry/whole house water. Whether it’s municipal or well water, homeowners who have problems with incoming water relating to infrastructure, color, odor, taste or safety to family health can depend on PUR2o. We help protect your family’s health as well as your biggest investment.

PUR2o is also sustainable company. Part of our mission is to eliminate the use of water in plastic bottles. Most bottled water is acidic; drinking acidic water will negatively impact health. Single use plastic bottles are a scourge on our planet and a hazard to the environment as well.

That’s why we do what we do!