Our Team

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Antonio Cernuto
President and CEO
Cell: (973) 647-2939

Company founder Antonio Cernuto is a pioneer in the water filtration and purification industry. He has been dedicated to improving the quality of drinking water for his clients for more than 30 years. His first office opened in Toronto, Canada, providing water purification systems for residential and commercial use.

As our environment changed, the demand for clean, safe and healthy drinking water grew; as a result, his company also grew internationally. Using his expertise and seeing the health and environmental dangers of plastic bottles and a real need to eliminate them from landfills, he partnered with Mizar Turdiu to offer state-of-the-art drinking and cooking water systems as well as whole-house filtration systems to the USA.

Mizar Turdiu
Executive Vice President – Wellness and Sustainability
Cell: (201) 602-1014

Mizarʼs career in television broadcast journalism has taken her from the east coast out to America’s Bible Belt and back again to New Jersey, which she still calls home.

As a news anchor/reporter and feeding a passion born as she watched her father crushing tin cans, stacking newspapers and separating the clear, green and brown glass for recycling back in the early 1960ʻs, Mizar resonated with environmental issues and stories.

In August 2006, she launched PUR2o Water Filtration and Purification Systems with her partner Antonio Cernuto.

Barry Abrams
Chief Commercial Officer

Barry’s pharmaceutical and biochemistry background helps PUR2o clients understand the importance of filtered, purified and re-mineralized water; its physical and chemical properties which allow our bodies to maintain optimum health, balance, and function. His time as the owner of a neighborhood pharmacy allowed him to help patients dealing with a wide variety of ailments. As such, he understands the importance of drinking and cooking with alkaline water, ionized water.

Barry now also manages the newly-launched PUR2o office and showroom in Manhasset, NY.

Michael Wolf
Chief Technician
Cell: (973) 867-8416

Michael has parlayed his experience in restaurant and food services management into becoming a knowledgeable and successful water treatment certified technician with PUR2o. His understanding of issues with the quality of water used for drinking and cooking goes a long way to help clients understand the need for safe and healthy water.

Christian Giraldo Soto

Cristian graduated university in his home country, Columbia, with a degree in Computer Sciences and Technology. He brought his skills to the United States, where he continued working in IT until joining PUR2o in 2016. Cristian is a quick study and used his knowledge of all things computers and technical to become an invaluable member of PUR2o’s team of water treatment professionals.